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Kukdong is the most
Dynamic and Hard Working
만드는 사람도 행복하게,
만드는 과정까지 올바르게 국동은 바람직한 옷을 만듭니다.
Kukdong believes the best garments are made when the worker is happy
and the process is honest.

Mexico Earthquake Damage Support


Support Atlixco

A severe earthquake of magnitude 7.1 occurred in central Mexico in September 2017, causing more than 300 deaths. Many buildings collapsed or were severely damaged in Mexico City and the nearby densely populated areas. In many areas electricity and water were cut off, communications service was interrupted, traffic lights were not working and traffic was paralyzed. 

Kukdong's Mex Mode suffered no damage, but in Atlixco, five people were injured in the earthquake, one during the recovery work, and one person was killed by high-voltage electricity. To help the people recover from the disaster, Kukdong provided the Atilxco Relief Goods Center with 500 relief items and 1,500 items of clothing.